The Company

Affinity Investments provides our Limited Partners with optimal returns on investment though our unique strategies:

  • Creative purchasing provides the margin to improve, lease and sell assets in a compressed time frame, which helps achieve target returns for our Limited Partners.
  • Effective property revitalization is key since typically, our target investments are in need of physical improvements, are partially vacant and require improved curb appeal.
  • Valuable asset management ensures that the best local property management company is in place to run the day-to-day operations of the property, and we stay closely involved with leasing initiatives, monitoring renovations, and providing key operating decisions.
  • Timely selling as gaged by Affinity regarding when the real estate cycle in the local market is most advantageous, and the disposition timing when capitalization rates and values are at their peak.

Affinity focuses on the acquisition, enhancement, management, and timely disposition of multi-family apartment communities in strongly emerging, up-trending markets. We purchase undervalued or under-performing distressed real estate assets, primarily value-add multi-family properties in the United States. We target projects with existing tenant amenities, categorized as "C" or "B" class properties in "C" or "B" locations where rent growth can be achieved over time. Through a combination of equity growth and increased cash flow, our goal is to achieve an average return on investment of between 20-25% annually over five or six years to the investors.

Affinity believes that professional property management is a vital element to ensure the success of our real estate holdings. Affinity uses a combination of in-house asset management expertise along with highly rated, local property management firms whose diligence and quality standards provide investors with the assurance of effective operations and protection of their investments. This process of buying properties at the right time has led us to higher then expected returns on many of our projects. Affinity offers a proven track record, proven results, and proven management experience based on real assets with increasing cash flow and equity growth.

The Executive Team

Dario Lorenzo

President & Acquisitions

Dario Lorenzo brings 23 years of experience in construction, restoration, acquisitions and real estate development. Building real estate businesses and acquiring and selling properties has become a passion for Dario. He has been researching real estate markets in Canada for over 10 years and in the US for seven years, focusing mainly on areas that are at the bottom of the real estate cycle.

Since 1988, he has invested in over 700 properties-either with no money down or with creative financing. In the last nine years alone, he has bought and sold $83 million worth of real estate, generating a year-over-year return on investment of 29 percent.

He began investing in Vancouver where he grew up. As his real estate business grew, he expanded to cities such as Toronto and Guelph, Ontario, Fort Worth/Dallas, TX, Oklahoma City, OK, Phoenix, AZ., Prince George and Williams Lake, in BC, and even Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Dario has a keen eye for profiting from economic downturns. His research methodology includes a six-month "walk-about" in cities he is interested in. On these walks, he develops relationships with the city's chamber of commerce, city hall, brokers, lawyers, appraisers, realtors and property managers. It is in developing these long-term relationships that allows him to buy and sell properties from afar.

In 2004, Dario started Affinity Properties Inc. ( which provides investors with opportunities to purchase single-family homes in Canada and the US at a discount that generate cash flow in the short-term and appreciation over the long-term

In 2009, Dario began the Real Estate Breakthrough System in an effort to help others to become financially free through real estate. Stan, Jim and Rukshana are all former students of Dario's who he hopes they will become the first of many to become enormously successful real estate investors. (

Membership in two premier networking organizations helps Dario stay on the cutting edge of the real estate market. These organizations are inclusion in the president's exchange program of Virtus Inc., as well as the Vancouver chapter of the Entrepreneurs' Organization. Both of these connect fellow businesspeople for networking, educational events and peer support and provide Dario with invaluable resources for his real estate dealings.

Dario currently lives in Vancouver, BC. He runs every day. One of his favorite hobbies is "tinkering" with things. He loves working on cars and building things with his hands. It gives him a sense of pride and pleasure -to make something functional.

Dario gives back to the community through charities where he owns real estate such as the food bank, YWCA, Gospel Union Mission in many other in Canada, the United State and in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Kuldeep Singh

COO & Acquisitions

Kuldeep is a managing partner in a multifamily property investment company and also a principal in a multifamily development company which specializes in the acquisition, construction, development, and repositioning of multifamily properties.

Kuldeep owns and operates multifamily assets with key focuses on pure value creation through complete management systems, and high levels of efficiency from the initial acquisition stage, to the development and or rehabilitation of the asset, and on to the ongoing annual management of the repositioned asset. He has been directly involved in the design, construction, development and management of over $35 million dollars of residential multifamily projects.

Kuldeep has completed 275 multifamily units through various new development and or rehabilitation projects within the last 5 years. Kuldeep is a licensed builder, member of various community organizations, and is a graduate of University of British Columbia.

In his spare time Kuldeep enjoys reading, short trips in the great outdoors, and donating time and resources to local charitable causes and initiatives through active community club memberships.

Stan Lorenzo

Acquisitions & Project Management

As a project manager for Streamline Restoration Inc. from 2001 to 2006, Stan brings a strong background in all facets of building restoration. He began as a general worker at numerous job sites in the lower mainland, and quickly moved up to hands-on experience in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting and drywall. Stan quickly moved into managing many trades, including dry walling, painting, floor layering, electrician work, plumbing, carpenter work, and framing while training new staff to oversee on-site management.

In 2004, Stan moved into the Affinity Properties Inc. office in Vancouver and has enjoyed much success as a project manager ever since.

This hands-on experience makes Stan an invaluable member of the corporation's management team. He performs building and individual unit inspections and works with engineers and sub-trades to create budgets and recommendations for executive review. His role as vice president will ensure this is done exceptionally well.

Stan handles the acquisition research side at Affinity Investments Inc. This includes a myriad of responsibilities including: market research, property assessment, renovation analysis and project management for multi family properties in Canada and the United States.

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